Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail


Recipe quick take:

  • Hands on time: 5 MIN
  • Inactive time: 0 MIN
  • Start to finish: 5 MIN
  • Serves: 2

In a nutshell:

Meet our signature cocktail! It has the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and bitter. The best part? You can dress it up with your favorite herbs, fruits, and more!

I’ll admit it: if Confetti Kitchen were to ever have a signature cocktail, it would be vodka-based all. the. way. My go-to drink while out with friends is either a vodka soda, salty dog (similar to a greyhound), or extra dirty vodka martini. Rarely, I mean rarely, do I ever order gin.

But when our cocktail artist Christy came to me with this cocktail idea for a recent party, I gave it a shot. And I’m sure glad I did. I love this drink *so* much I named it our Confetti Gin Fizz cocktail!

Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine

the basics

This recipe makes two cocktails, because, well one drink never is enough for us. This cocktail is tart with the fresh lemon juice and sweet thanks to the grenadine. There’s not much prep at all for this drink, aside from squeezing the lemons for the juice. Also, most of the ingredients are bar staples you should consider owning if you don’t already:

  • Gin: We like Tanqueray. Don’t go for anything flavored here.
  • St. Germain: This Parisian elderflower liqueur is one of our favorites. Just a splash in champagne adds a beautiful floral flavor.
  • Peychaud’s Bitters: You might already have a bottle of Angostura bitters in your kitchen, but be sure to use Peychaud’s. It’s lighter, sweeter, and has a more floral aroma. Since you’ll only use a few dashes per cocktail, the bottle will last you for awhile too.
  • Dry champagne: We always try to keep a bottle of bubbly in our fridge at all times in case of emergency. 😉 For this recipe, you can go for an inexpensive dry (aka not sweet) brut champagne or sparkling rosé.

Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine

dress it up!

While this cocktail is delicious on its own, it’s even more fun with a garnish bar. This is one of our favorite things to setup at our parties. It adds a creative and interactive element to the party. For this cocktail, we decided to throw some herbs in the mix, including thyme and mint. We also added blueberries and candied orange and lemon slices. For even more flair, we added these mini rock candy sticks.

Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine

party perfect

This cocktail works amazingly well for a large party! In fact, we served it to 75 guests with no stress. Just triple the recipe (or more) and mix everything in a pitcher, except for the champagne. Don’t add ice to the pitcher as it’ll water it down.

When you’re ready to serve the cocktail, fill your old-fashioned glasses filled with ice, pour the cocktail and leave room to finish it off with some bubbly.

Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine
Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine

Mix up our Confetti Gin Fizz cocktail? Tell us how it went or even better, show us your creative garnish! Leave a comment below or post a photo on Instagram and tag #confettikitchen!

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Confetti Gin Fizz Cocktail // gin, lemon, grenadine, st. germaine

What You Need



Add all ingredients except champagne to a cocktail shaker with ice inside. Shake for 30 seconds.


Fill two old-fashioned glasses with ice. Strain and pour cocktail into the glasses. Top each drink with a splash of champagne.

Garnish and serve!

Garnish with herbs such as fresh sprigs of thyme or mint, as well as fruit including blueberries or raspberries.


  1. Rachel Armitage wrote:

    I love the style and photography of your post! The cocktail looks delicious, too. It’s my first time visiting your site, and it looks like you’ve got a great thing going here! Nicely done!

    Posted on 2.14.17 | Reply
    • Thanks Rachel! Really appreciate it. We’re a little new to this so glad you found us 🙂

      Posted on 2.14.17 | Reply

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