The Game Plan: A Falafel Dinner Party

One Friday afternoon in June, I found this email in my inbox from my friend Emily, a CK #dayone and self-admitted beginner cook:

A Falafel Dinner Party Menu

I’m guessing many of you fall in Emily’s camp. It’s your turn to host book club or that rotating group dinner, and while you can’t wait to see your friends, the thought of cooking for a crew of 12 is beyond daunting.

Emily knew she wanted to make our Quick Falafel and Mediterranean Pasta Salad, so we were off to a good start. But she still had plenty of questions…

  • How much of each recipe should she make?
  • What else should she serve?
  • How could she fit in shopping, prep, and cooking during her work week?

Challenge (happily) accepted! Emails and questions like this are exactly why I started Confetti Kitchen. I love helping all of you proudly pull off what feels impossible. 👊

the menu

Here’s what we settled on for the menu. Btw, Emily suggested we add the tzatziki sauce for the falafel so we dropped that in there too.

the grocery list

The key to a great dinner party–aside from awesome friends–is some solid prep. Lists are your friend, the most important being your grocery shopping list.  When I host my own dinner parties, I always print out the recipes (old school, I know…) then create a consolidated shopping list in Word or Evernote.

You think that’s type A? Well I even organize the list by grocery store category, so I can sail through without spending extra time going back to the produce aisle for that extra onion. I did the same for Emily, and here’s what she had to say:

“This list was SO SO SO helpful. It honestly decreased the stress of missing things, getting enough ingredients, etc.” 

Lucky for you, you can download very own copy!

A Falafel Dinner Party Menu

so how’d it go?

Emily shared such great feedback and even a few photos while she prepped. Here are some tidbits!

Quick Falafel

The falafel was super easy. I prepped all the dry ingredients by measuring them out into a bowl, which always makes me less stressed when I’m done chopping and ready to combine things.” 

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

“I made this the night before and it was honestly so simple and easy. I may actually cut up salami and add it for some extra protein!”

A Falafel Dinner Party
A Falafel Dinner Party

Crudité & Charcuterie

“The veggie and charcuterie plates were SUCH a hit and so much fun to put together. Everyone commented on the truffled almonds (from Trader Joe’s) and how they loved the endive.”

“Also…OMG, the asparagus! I never knew of the trick to boil them for a few minutes, then shock in ice water. I was totally overwhelmed reading about how to do it, but it turned out to be so easy! I’m going to do that all the time now.”

“We added a little cup of honey on the cheese board which was delish to drizzle on the cheeses.”

I absolutely love how Emily made the dinner her own by adding some of her favorite ingredients, from salami to honey. I always hope you use our recipes as just a starting point!


…and now it’s your turn!

Are you hosting a dinner party soon? Let us know! We’d love to help you come up with a great menu and grocery game plan. Just send us a message or DM us on Instagram!

A Falafel Dinner Party Menu


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