How to Mince Garlic

Fresh garlic is one of our absolute favorite ingredients at Confetti Kitchen. Why? It adds so much flavor and is super versatile. Buy a head of garlic and you could use it in any cuisine from Thai to Middle Eastern to Italian. Now that I think about it, what part of the world doesn’t cook with garlic? Honestly, I’m stuck.

Because of its intense flavor, a little garlic goes a very long way. That’s why you’ll almost always find that recipes call for garlic to be minced, or cut up into tiny pieces. Is it hard to do? Nope. Does it take a few minutes of time? Sure. All good things take some effort and minced garlic is no exception. If reading the word “mince” in a recipe has you one step closer to take out, you’re not alone. The knife skills struggle is real, but we’ve got your back.


Check out our fast and simple method to peel and mince garlic in the video below. Once you learn the basic technique, stick with it consistently and you’ll get faster every time. A sharp knife is really important too — read more about that here!

If you need to mince more than one garlic clove, run through each step with all cloves before moving to the next step. Batching the garlic cloves will save time. Grab your chef’s knife and cutting board, and let’s get mincing!

1. Cut the root end: This is the flat bottom of the garlic clove. By trimming that off first, the skins will come off easier.

2. Smash and peel skins: Smash garlic with flat side of the knife and remove the skin.

3. Thinly slice: Slice the garlic. Make a claw with your supporting hand to keep your fingers away from the blade.

4. Rock and chop: Pile up the sliced garlic. With your supporting hand resting flat on top of the blade, run your knife through the garlic in a rocking motion. Keep piling and rocking until the garlic is minced.


Grab a few cloves and head over to our Quick Falafel recipe. All of our recipes that use minced garlic include a handy link back to this video. Watch it once, twice, ten times…as many times you need to get the hang of it. You got this!

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