Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos


Recipe quick take:

  • Hands on time: 15 MIN
  • Start to finish: 20 MIN
  • Serves: 3-4 (8 tacos)

In a nutshell:

Round out your next Taco Tuesday with our spice-rubbed shrimp tacos. Start to finish in 20 minutes, these tacos will be ready before your margarita is even blended!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a pretty serious taco kick here at Confetti Kitchen. From last month’s Feel Good Fiesta to this new super simple recipe, our hands (and stomachs) have been full of tacos. We’re definitely not complaining.

The Inspiration

For our fiesta and this recipe, we’ve partnered with one of my favorite food brands, Simply Organic. My pantry is filled with jars of Simply Organic spices, which I love because not only are their spices high quality, but they also are dedicated to the future of food. As part of their 1% Fund, Simply Organic donates 1% of all sales to support and promote the growth of sustainable and organic agriculture.

Lastly, their spices are reasonably priced and easy to find. I buy mine at my local Whole Foods Market – you can find other stores that sell Simply Organic here.

Now back to the recipe! These Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos were inspired by another favorite taco of mine: our Cumin Flank Steak Tacos. I make these so often, I don’t even measure the spices anymore. #cookinggoals

Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos

While I love a juicy slice of steak, sometimes I crave a lighter taco. Chicken is always an easy option, but I actually prefer seafood when choosing between the two. So I set out to develop this recipe using one of my favorite quick dinner go-tos: peeled and deveined shrimp.

The Basics

This recipe is all about the dry rub. In a large bowl, we mix cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. These are traditional taco flavors so if you wanted to make a vegetarian version with sweet potatoes or squash, you could still use these spices!

What I love about this recipe (and cooking with shrimp) is that it comes together in under 20 minutes. While the shrimp hangs out in the dry rub to absorb the flavors, you can use that time to prep the taco fixin’s. Slice an avocado, crumble some cotija cheese, cut a few limes…whatever you want to serve on your tacos, get them ready. Once you’re done prepping, you’re less than 10 minutes away from dinner time. Shrimp cooks very quickly – they only need about 5 minutes to cook through.

Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos
Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos

Ok, It’s Not That Spicy…

Don’t let the recipe name scare you away, especially if you’re not big into really spicy food. This recipe only uses a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, so there will be a little mild-medium kick. If you really like some heat, then add an extra pinch or two of cayenne.

If you’re cooking for a group of friends, we recommend keeping the spice level as is in the recipe and serving the tacos with your favorite hot sauces on the side.

Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos

Did you make these Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos? Share your comments or questions below. Even better, take a photo and tag it #confettikitchen on Instagram. We love getting to know our CK fam, so don’t be a stranger!

What You Need

Spicy Skillet Shrimp Tacos


Prep shrimp.

Rinse shrimp under cold water in a strainer. Dry on a plate lined with paper towels.

Make spice rub.

In a medium mixing bowl, mix cumin (1 tsp), chili powder (1 tsp), salt (1/2 tsp), cayenne pepper (1/4 tsp), freshly ground black pepper (1/4 tsp), and garlic powder (1/4 tsp).

Add the shrimp to the bowl and toss to coat using your hands or a wooden spoon. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside in refrigerator.

Prep toppings.

Meanwhile, prep the toppings:

  • Cut lime into wedges
  • Peel and slice avocado
  • Pick cilantro leaves
  • Crumble cotija cheese
  • Set out any other toppings: pickled red onions, hot sauce, etc.

Cook shrimp.

In a large skillet, pour the vegetable oil (1 tbsp) over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, add the shrimp and cook for 3 minutes. Flip the shrimp over and cook for another 2 minutes until firm and opaque.

Heat tortillas and serve!

If microwaving, place the tortillas on a plate and cover with a damp paper towel. Heat for 30-45 seconds (or until soft). Or, warm them in a separate large frying pan while the shrimp cooks.

Recipe notes

Want more heat? We only use 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in this recipe, which makes the heat level mild to medium at most. Add a little extra pepper if you want to give it an added kick!

Take this outside! If you’ve got a grill, use it! You can either cook the shrimp in a pan out on your grill, or thread them onto skewers.



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