From San Francisco to Savannah, we’re cooking up a lot of fun.



Cynthia spent most of her 20s packing, moving, and unpacking boxes, as she lived in five cities over five years. Eventually, she left the corporate world to get her MBA…and more passport stamps. Cynthia moved to San Francisco in 2012 to work at a tech startup, and has called this place home ever since. Read more about the inspiration for Confetti Kitchen here.

Dream dinner guests: Beyoncé, Ina Garten, and the Obama family.
Always in my fridge: Eggs, parm cheese, and Plugra salted butter.



Christy is the girl behind the shaker, trying to develop (and drink) as many cocktails as possible — in an effort to bring the best ones to you. During a post-breakup haze years ago, she earned her bartending license and hasn’t looked back since. Christy shares her alcohol-infused concoctions over on her cocktail blog, The Shared Sip.

Dream dinner guests: Jhumpa Lahiri, Steve Martin, Kelly Ripa, John Stamos, and (admittedly) Britney Spears.
Last kitchen fail: A scotch cocktail that my dad lovingly referred to as “horrendous.”



Courtney recently graduated with a degree in English Literature, but she still often prefers trashy rom-coms to classic works of literature. When Courtney’s not busy writing, you can expect to find her in the kitchen either stress-cleaning or stress-baking. Her next foodie goals are to become a better food photographer and to eat cake for second breakfast every day.

Dream dinner guests: James Corden, Aziz Ansari, Constance Wu, and Ellen DeGeneres.
Ingredient that scares me: Paprika or cayenne pepper. I always find it difficult to add just the right amount.



Katherine was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, home to shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes. Following her passion for food, she earned her Culinary Arts degree from the San Francisco Cooking School. These days, you can find Katherine picking out the perfect strawberry for a photo shoot, mastering her donut recipe, or wandering the aisles of her favorite Asian market.

Dream dinner guests: David Chang, Anthony Bourdain, and Ellen DeGeneres.
Always in my fridge: Shaoxing wine aka Chinese cooking wine.



Living in charming Savannah, Georgia, Meghan writes, bakes, goes karaoke-ing, and loves on her dog, George. With a background in food anthropology and sensory ethnography, she’s always been enamored by any activity that allows her to drink coffee or cook while calling it work. Currently, Meghan is writing a book about her escapades in Greece, India, Utah, and North Dakota.

Dream dinner guests: Sarah Koenig, Anthony Bourdain, and Emma Watson. Plus, Barack and Michelle Obama if they’re free.
Ingredient that scares me: Mussels, oysters, and anything else from the ocean with shell-like accouterment.

Priya Krishna |


Priya is a food writer based in Brooklyn, NY, and the author of the college-centric cookbook Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks. When not eating, she enjoys watching early 2000s Disney Channel Original Movies, karaoke, and falling asleep to reruns of The Hills — in fact, these activities comprise her ideal day.

Dream dinner guests: Aziz Ansari, Spencer & Heidi from The Hills (I think this counts as one), Caity Weaver, Shonda Rhimes, and Meg Cabot.
Last kitchen fail: I tried making fudge, totally messed up the proportions, and nearly broke a tooth.

Sam Campbell |


Samantha is a Social Content Strategist by day and an amateur home cook by night. She loves experimenting with new recipes and techniques even when they don’t turn out (looking at you, brined pork chop). When she’s not drooling over cookbooks and sticky-noting new recipes, she’s reading science fiction and drinking too much coffee (read: wine).

Dream dinner guests: Ina Garten, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, and Amy Poehler.
Last kitchen fail: Carrot cupcakes, but if you fill the sunken center with cream cheese frosting everyone forgives your flop.



Shane walks too fast and lives in San Francisco. He likes good food, but he loves sharing good food with good people. His favorite things are singing loudly on road trips, spontaneous dance parties, and exploring new cities. He may or may not be addicted to Diet Coke.

Dream dinner guests: Idina Menzel, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Brené Brown, Ina Garten and, of course, Jeffrey.
Ingredient that scares me: Whole chickens, dead or alive.



When she’s not eating her way around the globe, Sophia is a culinary tour guide in the Bay Area, having launched the Mission District Craft Chocolate Tour. She also writes Eater SF, and her work has appeared in The Bold Italic, 7×7, and Flaunt magazine. Sophia recently spent two months working on a coffee farm in Hawaii and a fig farm on a tiny Greek island.

Dream dinner guests: Ruth Reichl, Questlove, and Stevie Nicks.
Last kitchen fail: I tried making brownies from scratch with no recipe. I would not recommend that anyone try that mistake!



You’ll find Spritz the Vespa cruising up and down the hills of San Francisco, usually with a bunch of grocery totes dangling from her. She was named after the Aperol Spritz cocktail, because of her unmissable orange color and Italian roots.